About Alex Shamash

Alex Shamash, who studied media studies and business administration from the world-class University of Manchester, is head of development at Messenger Plus!, a software company that produces the leading add-on for Windows Live Messenger. Alex Shamash is a pioneering computer software engineer in the field of messaging technologies. A highly skilled businessman and programmer, Alex Shamash is the company’s top liaison with outside firms and agencies and takes an active part in public relations and new product design.

Messenger Plus! was first launched in 2001 as an add-on for MSN Messenger 3. In the years that followed, Messenger Plus! quickly distinguished itself as a top-notch addition to what eventually became Windows Live Messenger. The company continues to perform ahead of the curve in chat software, and leads in the field of technologies safe-guarding children in the potentially volatile chat environment. Messenger Plus!, whose newest version Alex Shamash was instrumental in developing, has an extensive suite of innovative features—new skins, wider compatibility, more highly-developed logging possibilities, and a new website with improved interface.

Messenger Plus! has set itself apart as the single-most transformative addition to Windows Live Messenger. Messenger Plus! 5, the latest edition of the free software, surpasses out-dated versions with new utility in log searching, new easily-navigated interface and appearance, new skins that allow complete customization, and an entire range of possibilities in personalizing the chat experience.

Alex Shamash’s responsibilities with Messenger Plus! include creating new ideas and concepts for the public, developing relationships within the broader business community, pioneering new scripts and products for users, promoting the company’s software, and preparing future versions and updates of Messenger Plus! Alex Shamash’s distinctive approach to leadership in software development is instrumental in the continuing success of Messenger Plus!, a company that perpetually renews the possibilities of chat software.


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